Welcome to the Canadian Pacific Railway Spring Creek Subdivision, my take on Model Railroader’s Salt Lake Route.  Layout construction started in January 2013 and much of it has been chronicled in my layout thread at (  The majority of the photos in that thread are unfortunately hosted on Photobucket and will inevitably appear as broken links in the coming weeks as I don’t wish to pay $400 a year for hosting, hence the new blog.  This blog will focus on the progress of the layout going forward, but I will reproduce some of the “historical” layout posts as time permits.

As for the layout, here is a an overview of the layout plan:

As for the most recent update: the local environmentalists were rejoicing as this past week saw the reforestation of the mountains along the Spring Creek Sub. Meanwhile, the rest of the town were excited for the grand opening of the new Dairy Queen.

If the quality of the above pictures is any indication, new lighting should be moved to the top of my to do list. And a few words about the Walthers DQ Grill & Chill kit: what a PITA this thing was to paint. In their infinite wisdom, somebody at Walthers thought it would be a good idea to send the kits out with all the the decals (or stickers if you prefer) already applied. Thus, a lot of delicate brush work is required to paint the panels.

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